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Interview with a Synaesthete

This is a hypotetical interview with an imaginary synaesthet. If you are talking to a Synaesthete, he might probably answer in this way:

Which color is A?

For me it is blue. Why is it blue? When I close my eyes and imagine the letter A, the color in my head is blue. It cannot be yellow. Blue is the color that fits the best. I donˇt know why.

Whish color is the word ˇListeningˇ?

This is somehow blue. The blue of the L is very dominant. To the end of the word the color become a little brighter.

Which color is today?

It is yellow. Monday is always yellow. Exspect I have to do work on the evening. I this case the yellow is little more grey. The color yellow follows me through the day.

Which shape is the year?

The year? It is ovale. Down there is the January, above there is August. August is a little bit larger than e.g. Aprile. Since I can think I see the year in this way. The time passes clockˇwise, better said I am walking on the year. At the moment I am standing on the blue Aprile.

What to you perceive when you hear Music?

Hm, this question to answer is very hard. I only can describe very bad, because there are no words for feelings like this. Colored Fogs and shapes. This is what I see when I listen concentrated to music. But when I am not concentrated my mind ignores it.

Have you had accustic visions, that means color-hearing, before you had heard about Synaesthesia??

No, I never gave attention to this and for this reason I never have recognized it awarely. But the colors were ther. I just have not noted.

Can you imagine how it is to hear music but not to receive visional perceptions?

When I listen concentratedly to music I feel always a visional part of the music. I cannot separate accustic and vision. I is coupled to ine. I cannot imagine at all how it is without Synaesthesia.

A lot of people donˇt have Synaesthesia.

I cannot understand this. I always thought that this is very normal and everybody has colored letters and weekdays. I never saw something special in it...

If you can identify with questions like these it could be possible to be a Synaesthets. Go for the Synnetest!