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Mirror-touch synesthesia means to experience the same sensation that another person feels. For example, when you observe somebody being touched, you feel the same touch on your own skin.

Student Kalli Ioumpa from the Netherlands needs mirror-touch synesthetes as probands for his thesis. If you "mirror" touch seen on other people and want to take part in recent science, please write to ioumpa.k(at)gmail.com.


I am a second year master student of Cognitive Neuroscience in Radboud
University Nijmegen in Netherlands.

For my thesis project I am working within Rob Van Lier´s (Donders
Institute for Brain Cognition and Behavior) and Simon Fisher´s (Max
Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics) research groups on Mirror
Sensory Synesthesia.

Both people from Netherlands and abroad can participate in our
study. Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Best wishes,
Kalli Ioumpa